My name is Marvin. I was born in Ghana but grew up in Germany.
All my life I wanted to be a professional footballer.

When I was 18, I went to play international tournament against other countries in Africa. Although I was part of the team i never got the chance to play. l met my uncle who is now my manager and he took me on my first trial and I scored 2 goals. After, I had a chance to play in Sweden but needed letters of confirmation from Germany. I tried so many places until I had a call from Rev. Andrews Kankam Don, he shared the word of God with me and we believed God for a miracle. Few hours after praying we received the letter of confirmation from Germany.

I thank God for bringing me where I am now. All I can say to anyone reading this is, never give up, try your best, work hard, pray and cry to the Lord. He will show you the way and bless you. I still can’t believe what God has done and is still doing for me.

Rev. Andrew Kankam Don:

This is a boy whose dream was to become a footballer. He tried teams in Germany, Finland and Sweden but they all refused him.His mum contacted me from Belgium. I took his number and called him.I shared the word of God with him and assured him that the will of God  will prevail.Two hours after he sent me a text that the Sweden team said  he can start playing because  they had received a letter from Germany. A person who was rejected and refused by the team is amongst the best 8 in the team.

You shall be the head and not the tail if you diligently pray and pay attention to the commandments of the Lord.
Deuteronomy 28:13