Godwin is young boy we met during our evangelism in a remote Village in Volta Region -Ghana with his three siblings. Access to this village is by car till some point and then on foot. Here we met Godwin and his family.

His situation and the family condition broke everyone heart and I know it break your heart as well.

A boy who wore one per of trouser for over 3 mouths, no shoe, no sleeping mattress, no blanket not mentioning about school. He has three sisters the younger is 2 mouth old.

Godwin has no hope for tomorrow. He does not know anything but hard work and tears.

He’s not crying asking for new iPhone, or tablet or games.

He is crying because of the hard floor, misquotes, insects and cold weather waiting for him in the night. We met other children who cannot go to school because of £15-£20 school fess. Others long walking distance from village to nearby school stopped them from school.

Godwin is begging you perhaps you could put a smile on his face, dress him, give him and his sisters sleeping mattress or blanket and maybe help into school. Your generosity could be their only hope of escape in this life. Matthew 25:40 Jesus Said “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”

Please help this family.

Godwin’s mission is created based on this true touching life story. Every donation you give will go them, we will send you feedback of their progress and help many children and families in the same condition.

Your Giving will enable us to reach many children like Godwin and his sisters in these remote villages in Volta Region and beyond.